Age: 65
Location: Nevé Shalom / Wāhat as-Salām, Israel/Palestine
About: Born in the UK (1956); living in Israel/Palestine; working part time for the Communications office of Wāhat as-Salām - Nevé Shalom ( This self-hosted hubzilla channel is the latest instance of a blog that was started in the early 2000s. It has been hosted in various places, using different systems. The channel works more like a classic blog. Even if you follow it on the fediverse, full entries may not show up in your timeline. For example, posts are usually arranged under day headings, and I often keep editing and adding to them throughout the day. So the first entry will be posted to followers, but not the edits; at least not beyond Zot. *Contact information* - email - tel: +972 50-7579500 (UTC +2 or +3 in summer) - telegram: @howardshippin - pgp: 0xD07A54C828CCBA25.asc